Disability Income Insurance

“It’ll never happen to me…”

“It doesn’t pay anything anyway”

“It costs too much”

It’s one of the great mysteries. Why do people feel like they need to protect themselves from financial ruin by having Health Insurance? Or Life Insurance? Don’t forget about Auto Insurance (you HAVE to have that one)…

…But they don’t ever think about protecting their income?! If I asked you what is your single most valuable asset, what would you say? Your Home? Your Car? WRONG.

It’s your ability to earn an income! And if you can’t do that, how do you plan on paying for all of the above? Cash in the 401k? Take a 2nd job? Why not consider transferring that risk to a well designed Disability Policy from VFG! It is the cornerstone of a sound financial plan.

  • Short & Long Term Disability solutions for your small and large sized companies
  • Voluntary product strategies
  • Income replacement strategies for blue/white collar professions
  • Supplemental policies layered on top of current group coverage
  • Disability Buy/Sell and other executive planning strategies
  • Review of current policies (Important to do every 5 years)
  • Call or email VFG today for a DI plan!