Voluntary Benefits

Benefit costs continue to be one of the fastest rising expenses among U.S. employers. At the same time, employee longing for affordable health and other benefits is certainly not decreasing. This puts tremendous pressure on employee benefits advisors to find new and forward thinking solutions to hold the line on expenses while continuing to offer a competitive benefits package to employees. Voluntary benefits plans can be an effective solution to help balance the need to manage costs while providing a competitive benefits offering.
Types of Voluntary Benefit Coverage

The most popular voluntary benefits plans include Disability, Life Insurance and Accidental D&D, Hospitalization or “Medical Bridge” plans, Accident, Dental and Vision plans. Implementing these with a Section 125 or “Cafeteria” Plan along with your primary employee benefits, all on a pre-tax basis, create a comprehensive benefits package that will definitely set you apart from your competition.
Advantages of Voluntary Benefits to Employers

  • Provide additional coverage but are not typically subsidized by the company — all premiums are paid by the employee.
  • Put spending decisions in your employees’ hands. Because this coverage is individual and completely optional, employees can choose what coverage they want — and are willing to pay for — based on their individual needs.
  • Generally require little or no administration – A huge plus to small & medium sized business with little/no HR presence.
  • Provides a comprehensive array of benefit offerings to employees which are shown to increase retention and recruiting of potential new personnel.
  • Ability to offer benefits to part-time employees who typically are not eligible for major medical & other benefits offered only to eligible full-time staff.
    Advantages of Voluntary Benefits to Employees

  • Costs – Voluntary Benefits typically start at premiums as low as $1-2 a week for certain benefits and can be payroll deducted through your employer. Finally, these are benefits that anyone can afford!
  • Choice – Building a custom benefit plan based on your individual/family needs and budget is a huge advantage. Whether you decide to take one benefit or several, the choice is yours. And these benefits are yours to keep if/when you leave the current company you work for (Portability).
  • Benefits – When an emergency arises, the last thing people want to worry about is bills. The companies that VFG Benefit Solutions work with pay your claims directly to YOU, not to the hospitals, doctors, etc. And most claims are paid within a week of you filing your claim! That’s benefits you can depend on!
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